What are industrial filter bags
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What are industrial filter bags

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What are industrial filter bags- Shared from filter bags manufacturer-Shanghai INDRO


Filtration bags can be used in aquariums, pools and ponds, dust collectors, vacuums, and many industrial applications. Filter bags are also used for controlling air pollution by removing particulates from the air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation.


Industrial filter bags classifications:

/Dust collector &baghouse filter bags

/Liquid filtration filter bags


Industrial filter bags materials:

/Dust collector & baghouse filter bags materials: polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nomex(aramid), pps(ryton), p84, ptfe, fiberglass felt and cloth

/Liquid filter/filtration bags materials: Polyester(PE), polypropylene(PP) felt, monofilament nylon mesh(NMO), PA mesh, polyester mesh, nomex(aramid) and ptfe felt.


Industrial filter bags size:

/Dust collector & baghouse filter bags: diameter range is normally from 120-300 mm, length range is normally from 2m to 8m

/liquid filtration/filter bags size and micron: size1#(7*17”), size2#(7*32”), size3#(4*9”), size4#(4*15”), size5#(6*22”)

Micron rating is from 0.2 micron to 1500 micron.


Industrial filter bags applications:

/Dust collector & baghouse filter bags: widely use in industry of steel, chemical, waste incineration, cement, construction material, thermoelectricity and other industry.

/liquid filtration/filter bags: widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, advanced coatings & photo emulsions, paints & coatings, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, Ink printing,    resins, chemical processing, oil & gas, water treatment, aquarium filtration, swimming pool filtration and other industry.

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