The principle of desulphurization and purification for desulfurization dust collector
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The principle of desulphurization and purification for desulfurization dust collector

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Update time : 2018-01-30 16:25:10

The desulfurization dust collector is a kind of instrument designed and developed for the desulfurization working environment of the factory and mills.

At present, the application of dust removal and desulfurization equipment in the industry is wide. The most basic purification principle is to apply wet dust removal, water film desulfurization and dust removal, impact water bath desulfurization and dedusting and other technical principles to the desulfurization dust collector's technology and equipment. It has a good effect on the waste gas pollution of some industrial factories.

The main principles and processes of the desulfurization and dust collector are as follows:

1 -- air intake; 2 -- motor; 3 -- screw conveyor; 4 -- pool dust outlet; 5 air flow diffuser plate; 6 -- dust hopper; 7 -- filter room; 8 -- dust filter bag; 9 -- flower plate; 10 -- outlet.

In general, the boiler of desulphurizing dust collector is using Y5-48-6.37 centrifugal fan, the rotation rate of 2900r/mi, reached 22kW in power. The air inlet device of filter bag dust collector, which is used as negative pressure and blow back device of boiler, can ensure that the operation of filter bag desulphurization and ash cleaning is carried out when the equipments around dust collector do not stop working. In normal work, desulfurization and purification can be effectively carried out. After separating the duster into independent filter chamber, the effect of desulfurization and dedusting will be more perfect. In the stable work, some of the flue gas can mainly enter into the intake port from the bottom of the dust collector, and the flue gas is going forward along with the negative pressure airway the dust collector. In the process of desulphurization, there will be a part of the dust particles settling in the dusts by gravity, while the other part of the smoke which needs desulfurization will resides in the filter bags through flue gas desulfurization and dust removal pipe. After the purification of the desulphurization process, the gas that has been desulphurized will be discharged through the air draught fan so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the gas and removing the dust.

The most important thing is that it is also very beneficial to the protection of the atmospheric environment.


In their daily work condition, desulfurization dust collector is wildely used in working occasion where requires high purification efficiency, it occupies a small area, with high filtering airflow, stable performance, comprehensive utilization of ice Valley dust, has a great effect on the effective control of the spread of SO2 in flue gas.