Water and oil repellent needle punched felt filter bags
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Water and oil repellent needle punched felt filter bags

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Update time : 2018-05-25 13:40:49

Water and oil repellent needle punched felt filter bags

Water repellent and oil repellent cloth filter cloth is calendering, impregnated with PTFE (water repellent), used in occasions with large moisture and temperature. The filter material is not easy to jam the paste bag, the service life of the dust bag is prolonged, and the maintenance cost is saved by increasing the gas flow rate. Dusting cloth bag can be called the heart of the duster. The selection of the filter bag is very important, which directly affects the dust removal effect of the duster. Selection of filter bag should be selected from the following aspects: temperature, humidity and chemistry of the gas, particle size, dust concentration, filtering wind speed, and dust mode.

Water repellent and oil proof cloth bag can effectively prevent water and all kinds of oil pollution from adhesion and penetration. Compared with ordinary filter bag, it not only has waterproof and waterproof properties, but also has anti bonding and easy peeling property for dust.

Weight            500g/m2  

Material           Polyester/polyester scrim

Thickness            1.75mm   

Air permeability        16m3/m2.min

Warp tensile strength   1100N/5 500px  

Weft tensile strength   1400N/5 500px      

Warp Elongation    25%         

Weft Elongation    45%     

Working Temperature    ≤130

Finish treatmentSinged, calendered and heat set, water and oil repellent