Polyester needle punched felt filter bags
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Polyester needle punched felt filter bags

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Update time : 2018-05-22 09:34:48

Polyester needle punched felt filter bags

The needle felt filter bag has the advantages of high space, high permeability, high dust collection efficiency and long service life. Its temperature resistance grade is moderate, it can reach 150 degrees centigrade instantaneously, it is moderate in acid and alkali resistance, and has excellent wear resistance. The needle punched felt filter bag (dusting bag) is the key part in the operation of the bag type dust collector. The fabric and design of the needled felt filter bag try to pursue high efficiency filtration, easy to peel off dust and durable effect.

Weight            500g/m2  

Material           Polyester/polyester scrim

Thickness            1.75mm   

Air permeability        16m3/m2.min

Warp tensile strength   1100N/5 500px  

Weft   1400N/5 500px      

Warp Elongation    25%         

Weft Elongation    45%     

Working Temperature    ≤130

Finish treatmentSinged, calendered and heat set