Applications of high temperature resistant filter bags in 4 kinds of industry

Applications of high temperature resistant filter bags in 4 kinds of industry

Application in cement industry:

A lot of high temperature dust gas will be produced in every production link of cement enterprise, mill and plants.

The dust goes out with the exhaust gas. The waste gases in the cement industry which affect the atmosphere include dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, hydrofluoric acid and so on. The dust will cause pneumoconiosis, and acid gases will affect many kinds of plants and animals. At present, the main high-temperature resistant filter bags used in cement industry is fiberglass filter bags with ptfe membrane, aramid fiber filter bags, P84 filter bags.

Application in coal fired power plant:

Coal fired power plant is the focus of air pollution and regional acid deposition control, the main emissions are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and PM particles. Practice shows that the application of bag filter in coal-fired power plants is feasible and reliable. At present, the PPS high temperature dust collector filter bag or the PPS composite dust collector filter bag is widely used, because it is a kind of filter material with better comprehensive performance, such as excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and good electrical insulation, etc.

Applications in iron and steel industry:

Sintering dust in iron and steel industry is very large, especially the coking sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon hydride, Mo derivatives have large toxicity. Practice shows that the dry purification of iron and steel industry can significantly reduce environmental pollution, and also save energy, so the use of filter bag of high temperature dust collector is possible. But the high temperature dust filter bag requirements on the converter, blast furnace and sintering are not the same, so selecting dust filter bags should be considered according to the actual situation, for example, the sintering flue gas filter bag filter temperature requirement is 150 - 200 degrees. At present, glass fiber high temperature dust filter bags are mainly used, while the blast furnace and converter gas dust collector and baghouse filter bags need to withstand more than 300 degrees, such as ceramic fiber high temperature dust filter bag.

Application in waste incineration:

Municipal solid waste incineration is a high temperature thermo chemical treatment technology. In the incineration of tail gas, the main harmful substances are teratogenicity and carcinogenicity of dioxin and furan, these substances are formed in the process of combustion of chlorine and hydrocarbons, especially a large amount of plastic bags and boxes and other plastic products, easier to produce dioxins in incineration. The filter bags of high temperature dust collector baghouse widely used in this kind of flue gas is PPS, P84, glass fiber filter bags.


Applications of high temperature resistant filter bags in 4 kinds of industry: In cement industry, coal fired power plant, iron and steel industry and waste incineration industry, fiberglass, nomex(aramid), pps, p84 dust collector and baghouse filter bags are widely used.