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Why filter bags are so important of dust collector baghouse system?

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Update time : 2018-01-07 18:31:49

Why filter bags are so important of dust collector baghouse system?

With the development of filter bag dust collection technology and increasing of environment protection requirement, the application scope of dust collector filter bags is becoming more and more widely. At present, dust collector equipped with dust filter bags can be used to treat high temperature, high humidity, binding, explosion and abrasion smoke, and even to filter air containing ultrafine dust.

Baghouse filter bag is the heart of bag filter. It is commonly referred to as dust filter bag or dust collector filter bag. Dust collector filter bag is the key part of baghouse operation process.

Damaged filter bags can be used in baghouse, or else that would speed up the discarding of the dust collector.

When a small area of individual bag house filter bag is damaged, the damaged holes can be filled with old filter bags or new filter materials same with existing filter bags. The way of holes repair is to use silicone rubber mixture for bonding, as long as the temperature and chemical properties of the adhesive are suitable for the technological conditions.

When most baghouse filter bags are damaged, all of them should be replaced. When the filter material is in long-term operation, the fine dust accumulated in the filter layer will reduce its air permeability, and even affect the system air volume, even if the filter bag is not damaged, it should be replaced.

Replacement of filter bags shall be done when dust collector bag house stop working. At same time, cleaning controller shall be closed. Open the top of manhole, and removing the baghouse filter bags. When removing, remove baghouse filter bag cages first, and then knead the spap ring on the upper part of the filter bag to form a concave shape and pull up the dust collector filter bags upward. Before installation of new filter bags, the dust on the hole of the cell plate hole sheet should be cleaned up.

The dust filter bags are gradually worn out. The main cause of the wear is the grinding force of gas dust, the deterioration of the filter material caused by the high temperature and the corrosion of the chemical substances.

When the grinding force of dust is very strong, the dust collector filter bag bottom wear is the most seriously, the increase of the system capacity causes the increase of the filtration speed and the acceleration of the wear.