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What is liquid filter bag?

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Update time : 2016-09-10 21:00:20

What is liquid filter bag

Liquid filter bag is one of industrial filtration equipments.

As filter element, liquid filter bag is the key process during filtration process. Quality of liquid filter bags affects the filtration effect very much. Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., ltd is using the good quality filter fabric, strong filter bag top and high class professional filter bag production machine to produce high quality filter bags.

The filtration surface of liquid filter bags is always treated with special singing. This avoid the fiber falling off and making liquid polluted and also avoid that classical rolling pressing treatment makes filtration holes blocked and make liquid filter bag life shorter.

All the raw material of liquid filter bags is in white color, without any special dyeing treatment, fully compliance with environmental protect standard. Also because of the 3D filtration layer of needle punched felt, when liquid go through the liquid filter bags, the particle will stay in the inside surface or deep layer because of deep filtration mechanism, it has high trapping efficiency for solid particles and glue particles.

The needle punched felt is with uniform thickness, stable hope opening rate, strong strength, this makes liquid filter bag filtration effect stable and using life longer. 5 stitching double needle sewing process ensure every filter bag has best filtration efficiency.

The top of liquid filter bags include stainless steel ring, pp ring and PE plastic ring.All kinds of liquid filter bag and bottom are available.

Liquid filter bags are used widely in liquid filtration in different industry. Liquid filter bags are suitable for filtration of generally industrial liquid such as electroplating E, D painting, printing ink, paint, food and other chemical liquid etc…