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Filter Bag Machines-Filter bag tube automatic sewing machine/sewing line

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Update time : 2016-09-09 11:03:48

Filter Bag Machines-Filter bag tube automatic sewing machine/sewing line


Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd(Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd) is making and supplying filter bag machines, including automatic filter bag tube line, filter bag sewing machines, automatic filter bag sewing line.


The best sell machine is automatic filter bag sewing line, it includes five parts, i.e. auto feeding, auto sewing, storing, auto cutoff at fixed length as well as master control. 

Auto feeding: includes photoelectric monitoring device and braking function. The braking device prevents fabric roll from feeding freely; The photoelectric monitoring device supplies right quantity of cloth depending on the variation of sewing speed. 

Automatic sewing: main sewing machine adopts JUKI Union Special 35800 or 3261 machine. Needle gauge: 3.2/3.2mm, stitch length: 3~ 4mm; sewing speed: 7 ~ 10m / min; the sewing speed is adjustable according to different cloth and stitch thread; Needle cold blow device (-34 cold air), pneumatic presser foot device, non-woven fabrics cloth guiding parts are also provided. (Silicone oil self-flashing device may be optioned as required).
This product line has the woven material automatic sewing function yet special accessories used for woven material must be added. 

Storing part: sewn bag is stored here to ensure the nonintervention of former sewing with later cutoff and stoking, or else the overall system will be halted. 
Auto fixed length cutoff: length of bag will be set here. The cut will be done in case of set length achieved, and the bag will be pushed away from the product line waiting on the windrow table for inspection

Master control: programmable logic controller (PLC) is adopted to control the pneumatic element, transducer and photo sensor to ensure the harmony and automatic operation of the overall system and also display the yield of that day.
During sewing the tube, any one of the six thread break off, the whole line will be stopped working automatic (By the way, we supply another option for telecontrol stop device)

Key elements adopt products from U.S., Germany and Canada to ensure the reliable operation and prolong the service life.