Tips of installation of pulse jet bag filter/dust collector/baghouse
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Tips of installation of pulse jet bag filter/dust collector/baghouse

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Update time : 2018-01-19 12:58:02

Tips of installation of pulse jet bag filter/dust collector/bag house

SIIC team introduces 5 steps of correct installation of pulse jet filter bag as followings:

1.    The lifting of the pulse jet bag type dust collector should be paid attention to prevent the deformation. When the equipment is out of the factory, all the key parts are welded with the hanging ear. Please use the hanger for hoisting.

2.    When the gas section is assembled, the main air pipes have been made in the factory, and it only needs to be assembled at the site. The control pipe (connecting the lifting valve cylinder) must be installed at the site, such as blanking, buckle and so on. All pipes must be cleaned up without any debris. All the joints should be filled with sealing materials and tested without leakage.

3.    After installation of bag type pulse jet dust collector box, bag chamber, inlet and outlet and ash buckets, all connections should ensure airtight and no air leakage. Air tightness welding must be carried out for welding seals. With fasteners connected, the seal must be encrypted with gaskets and all the fasteners are tightened. For the local air leakage, using silica gel or epoxy resin for plugging leaks. The seal of the bag type dust collector is an important factor affecting the normal operation and life, and the air leakage rate of the pulse jet bag filter house should be less than 3%.

4.    After installing filter bag cages into pulse jet dust collector, press plate needs to be installed as well, so that the ground wire, filter cages and cell plate sheet are in close contact. The explosion-proof door on the pulse bag type dust collector has been adjusted in the factory before delivery, and no need to adjust when it is installed.

5.    The installation of dust collector filter bags and cages is one most careful work in the whole installation, so it should be installed behind. When installation, the filter bag cannot be touched with the sharp hard objects, hook, even small scratches can also greatly shorten the life of the filter bag. Correct method of installation bag is: put the baghouse filter bag into bag room through the plate hole of box-pack snap band top of filter bag into concave shape and put it into the cell plate hole- make the spring ring restoration, make it pressed onto the circumference surface of the hole tightly- inserted filter bag cage gently from the bag mouth until the up part collar the bag cage does pressure plate hole of cell plate in the box body.  In order to prevent the filter bag from stepping down, better install one filter bag cage after one filter bag installed.