PPS needle-punched filter felt
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PPS needle-punched filter felt

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Update time : 2019-06-10 16:34:48
PPS needle-punched filter felt with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water and oil resistance

PPS needle-punched filter felt is one of the main varieties of high temperature resistant filter material, which is produced by PPS fibers produced in USA, Japan and other countries according to the production process of other high temperature resistant filter felt. PPS needle-punched filter material has excellent performance in the application of the following occasions.
- Working temperature 190 degrees Celsius, short-term working temperature 232 degrees Celsius, melting point 285 degrees Celsius, limiting oxygen index 34-35.
- It can be used when the oxygen content is 15% or less.
- Sulphur-containing oxides in fuels or flue gas have been proved to be fibers with strong acid-alkali corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.
-When the flue contains moisture.
- PPS filter bags have excellent performance records when the air-cloth ratio is as high as 5:1 for on-line and 6:1 for off-line cleaning at the temperature of 190-232 degrees Celsius industrial and mining conditions.
PPS fibers have complete strength retention and inherent chemical resistance, which can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environment and achieve ideal service life. PPS filter felt is an ideal filter material in pulse dust collector such as filter coal-fired boiler, waste incinerator and dust collection treatment of power plant fly ash.
Note: PPS is also called polyphenylene sulfide fiber, which is produced by only a few large chemical companies worldwide. The registered trademarks of TOYOBO is "PROCON". The registered trademarks of TORAY are "TORCON". The registered trademarks of PHILIP are "Ryton".