P84 High Temperature Resistant Needle-punched Filter felt rolls
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P84 High Temperature Resistant Needle-punched Filter felt rolls

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Update time : 2019-06-05 17:41:34
P84 High Temperature Resistant Needle-punched Filter felt rolls

P84 high temperature resistant needle-punched filter felt is a new high temperature resistant variety produced by INSPEC FIBERS polyimide fibers produced by LENZING Company, Austria. INDRO FILTRATION is a manufacturer of mass production of this filter material.
P84 filter rolls are with three distinct characteristics:
-Significant Temperature Resistance: Operating temperature is 260 C, but it has safe space to cope with downtime and accidents.
-Good chemical resistance: The value of P84 filter bags for acid waste gas and alkaline dust has been confirmed in refuse incineration operations over the past decade.

- Low backwashing pressure and high elastic desliming cake efficiency: The characteristics of P84 are remarkable due to the fineness of the fibers themselves, and the irregular cross section of the fibers increases the surface area of the fibers to the maximum, which provides many tiny pores, so that the surface filtration effect is better than that of deep filtration. Dust only stays on the surface of the filter felt, but can not penetrate into the filter felt. Therefore, the back washing pressure is small, and the cake bouncing efficiency can be significantly improved. It has excellent collection efficiency of fine particles and small pressure difference. In asphalt plants, cement plants, waste incinerators, liquid bed boilers, coal-fired boilers, etc., has long-term use of P84 filter material experience.