PP Pleated Filter Cartridge machine-INDRO
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PP Pleated Filter Cartridge machine-INDRO

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Update time : 2017-06-14 10:19:58

Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd offers PP Pleated Filter Cartridge machine.

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge machines /production line includes:

SIIC-M025-P: pleated cartridge filter paper pleating machine, special for folding /pleating filter paper of filter cartridge 
SIIC-M025-EC:pleated cartridge-ends cover welder, special for welding end cover of filter cartridge
SIIC-M025-EW: PP/polypropylene pleated cartridge-ends welder, special for welding different types of ends of pp pleated filter cartridges.
SIIC-M025-LJ: PP/polypropylene pleated cartridge length joints welder, special for connecting cartridge together to become longer cartridge, such as 20", two parts, one joint, 30" three parts with 2 joints, 40" 4 parts with 3 joints.
SIIC-M025-MS: pleated cartridge-middle seam welder, special for welding middle seam of outer cover of pp pleated filter cartridge
SIIC-M025-LC: PP/polypropylene pleated cartridge length cutter, special for cutting cartridge length.