Industrial Bag Filter Housings and Filter Bags -INDRO
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Industrial Bag Filter Housings and Filter Bags -INDRO

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Update time : 2017-06-13 09:10:22

INDRO offers a range of industrial filter bags and bag filter housings to meet your liquid filtration and absolute filtration needs.

INDRO industrial filter bags include:

Standard felt filter bags: 1-300micron polyester (PE), polypropylene(PP) felt filter bags

Mesh filter bags: 25-1000 micron monofilament nylon mesh (NMO) filter bags, polyester mesh filter bags, polypropylene mesh filter bags.

Extended life filter bags: POXL, PEXL filter bags

High temperature filter bags: nomex, ptfe liquid filter bags

INDRO industrial bag filter housings include:

Single bag filter housing for bag size1#, 2#, 3#, 3#

Top entry bag filter housing, side entry bag filter housing made of SS304/316

Plastic bag filter housing for bag size2# and 5#

Multi-bag filter housing

Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd is manufacturer of industrial filter bags and bag filter housing which are used in liquid filtration in different industry.