Normal temperature flue gas filtration products
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Normal temperature flue gas filtration products

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Update time : 2019-04-29 13:25:08
This range of filter media includes filter felt as followings:
/Needle-punched filter felt with easy-to-clear ash on polyester surface
/Polyester gradient, high permeability and low resistance needle-punched filter felt
/Polypropylene needle-punched filter felt
/Acrylic medium-temperature hydrolysis-resistant needle-punched filter felt
/Special polyester needle-punched filter felt
/Ordinary polyester needle-punched filter felt
/Medium Temperature Polyester Needle-punched Filter felt
Needle-punched filter felt with high strength, low elongation and low shrinkage
Technical Characteristics of Normal Temperature Filtration Material:
-Layered Composition and Gradient Transform
-High porosity and good permeability
-High dust collection efficiency and long service life
-Temperature tolerance is moderate (generally 120 degrees Celsius, individual varieties over -150-160 degrees Celsius)
-Moderate acid and alkali resistance
-Good wear resistance
-Good cost performance
Among the medium and normal temperature filter media series, PP needle-punched felt has the lowest temperature resistance, moderate price, excellent hydrolysis resistance and acid-alkali corrosion resistance. It is mainly used under conditions of low temperature requirement and high moisture content.
The temperature resistance of polyester fibers is generally between 130 and 150 degrees Celsius. Besides the unique advantages of ordinary felt filter cloth, this product has very good wear resistance and high cost performance ratio, which makes it the most widely used type of felt filter material.
Acrylic fibre needle-punched filter mat is made of imported fibers with temperature resistance of 140-160 degrees Celsius. It is also the best medium temperature filter material with acid resistance, alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance.
Medium Temperature needle-punched felt is a new type of filter felt developed to overcome the shrinkage phenomenon of ordinary polyester needle-punched felt when its temperature resistance exceeds 130 C for a long time, and its working temperature is 150 ~170 C, thus avoiding the waste caused by using high temperature filter material under some working conditions.
Special needle-punched felt improves the filtration accuracy and reduces the pressure drop of polyester fiber filter material. It has the surface filtration effect of membrane-covered filter material, and has low resistance to operation and saves energy.