Filter Material for Bag type dust collector (bag filter)
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Filter Material for Bag type dust collector (bag filter)

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Update time : 2019-04-24 08:39:33
1. Woven filter media

Before 1986, the filter materials used in bag filter in China were woven (also knitted and three-way fabrics). These filter materials were interwoven with warp and weft yarns twisted in ply and single yarns on looms. The density of the filter material is relatively large, and the void fraction is between 30-40%. Compared with non-woven fabrics, it has better strength and wear resistance, can withstand greater pressure and dust abrasion, and has stable size and smooth surface, which is conducive to ash cleaning. The density of fabrics can be controlled accurately. The disadvantage is that the filtration resistance is large, and the filtering accuracy can be improved only after the dust rack is formed. The typical production process of woven filter material is as follows:

Because woven filter material is manufactured by traditional method, the production process is long and the production speed is slow. Manufacturing costs are relatively high. Many enterprises have used advanced equipment such as arrow loom, and the level of product and production efficiency have been greatly improved compared with the traditional shuttle loom. The fabric weave of woven filter material is usually plain weave, twill weave and five three-flying (or five two-flying) Satin weave. Some products will use surface plucking (plucking machine) to form plush cloth to improve the formation ability of dust layer. Commonly used varieties are: 729 cylinder cloth, 208 flannel cloth, 737, etc.

2. Needle punched filter media

Needle-punched filter material is a kind of nonwovens. Many manufacturing technologies of nonwovens can be used to produce filter materials, but the filter material used in bag filter is mainly the filter material produced by needle-punched method. As we all know, the production of needle-punched nonwovens is a short-process production technology. The needle-punched felt filter material has the characteristics of high porosity, high filtration accuracy and low resistance. It has been widely used in environmental dust removal and material recovery in various fields. Due to the difference of production equipment, there are great differences in the appearance and internal quality of needle-punched felt or needle-punched felt filter material products produced by different enterprises.