Industrial filter bags materials
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Industrial filter bags materials

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Update time : 2018-02-01 15:36:51

Industrial filter bags materials


SIIC team introduces industrial filter bags materials as followings:

Industrial filter bags include dust collector filter bags and filter bags for industrial liquid filtration/water treatment, solid and liquid separation.

Industrial liquid filter bags materials:

-standard felt: 1-300 micron polyester (PE)/ polypropylene (PP) felt

-monofilament mesh: 25-1500 micron nylon mesh, PA mesh and polyester mesh

-High temperature felt: nomex(aramid) felt, ptfe felt

-Metal wire mesh: stainless steel SS304, 316.


As one professional filter bags manufacturer, INDRO filtration offers the advanced industrial filter bags in the world with features such as multi-layer constructions, fully-welded constructions and pressure-activated seals. SIIC industrial filter bags offer high dirt-holding capacity, and are easy to install and replace. SIIC high-efficiency filter bags address diverse applications requiring removal of solids from liquids. SIIC industrial filter bags and bag filter housings will meet your liquid filtration and absolute filtration needs.