How to determine length and diameter of dust collector and bag house filter bags
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How to determine length and diameter of dust collector and bag house filter bags

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Update time : 2018-01-17 10:36:55

Normally, when users select the dust collector bag house, will consider the size of dust collector filter bags and number of filter bags. Then it is better when filter bags size is larger or bigger number of filter bags? Is there some standard? 

As one professional filter bags manufacturer, SIIC team introduces you about what factors affect the filter bags length and diameter as followings:

Factors what affect the dust collector filter bags diameter:

/The diameter of the baghosue filter bag is related to the pulse energy of the dust cleaning and the placement of the pulse valve. The diameter of the common industrial pulse jet dust collector filter bag is usually between 120mm and 152mm.

/The diameter of the dust filter bag is related to the size of the bag type dust collector. For example, on the ground in size 7.5 square meter, if using a filter bag with 152mm diameter and 3m length, the filtration area is about 163m2. If we use the filter bag with diameter 305mm, then we need 4.3m length to get the same filtration area on the same area.

/ The diameter of the dust collector filter bag is related to the width of the filter material rolls.All kinds of filter materials have their scale width. In order to maximize the use of the filter rolls, the diameter of the dust filter bag is determined by the width of the filter material. For example, a 990mm wide fabric, leaving necessary stitching lap seam, it can make two 152mm diameter filter bag.

Factors what affect the dust collector filter bag length:

/ The number of dust collection filter bags is reduced and the area of the equipment is small.

When handling air volume, filtration speed and filter bag diameter are same,  increasing the length of dust collector filter bag can increase the filter area per filter bag, and then the number of filter bags can be reduced and the area occupied will be reduced.

/The number of dust filter bags is reduced, so the components of solenoid, pulse valve and blowpipe will also be cut down, saving investment and reducing the dust removal cycle of duster.

/Increasing filter bag length will make manufacturing cost higher: the height of industrial dust collector need to be added, upward extension will increase the strength of the component, so the production cost of equipment will be added.

/ The cleaning effect is poor: for online industrial dust, dust bag is longer, the possibility of dust blowing from the dust filter bags will be re adsorption more; assuming off-line cleaning, when the dust filter bag is longer, paused time after cleaning will extend, cleaning the filter and slower recovery room; filtration recovery of dust cleaning room will be slower.

/ The dust collector filter bag is simply damaged. The longer the dust filter bag is, in order to ensure effective dust removal, the more powerful energy is needed, the greater the potential energy is, more easily the dust bag house filter bag will be damaged.

/If the filter bag is too long, the installation, the protection and the view will be inconvenient.


The most common filter bag diameter of the industrial bag type dust collector is between 120mm and 152mm, and most common filter bag length is from 3m to 6m, 8-10m.


In conclusion, it is concluded that the standard of duster dust bag can not only reach the requirements of filter air volume and ash cleaning method, but also plan the actual conditions of the field conditions, so that we can achieve reasonable planning.