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how much do you know about PP pleated filter cartridge

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Update time : 2016-05-28 19:35:55

PP (polypropylene) pleated filter cartridge is one of liquid filter cartridges. It is used for liquid filtration. How much do you know about pp pleated filter cartridge?

Indro team is glad to share with you the following information about the pleated filter cartridge. Hope it will help you someway.


1, Filter material: PP

2, Micron: 0.1-50 micron

3, Length: 5" 10" 20" 30" 40"

4, End cap:

1)Code F: DOE

2)Code H: 215/Fin

3)Code J: 222/flat/SS

4)Code K: 222/fin/SS

5)Code M or code 3: 222/flat

6)Code P or code 8: 222/fin

7)Code Q or code 7: 226/fin

8)Code R: 226/fin/SS

9)Code T or code 2: 226/flat

10)Code V: 226/flat/SS


Please refer to the following photos. Thank you so much!