ARAMID ranges of filter materials
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ARAMID ranges of filter materials

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Update time : 2019-05-13 10:36:33
ARAMID ranges of filter materials:

Aramid series filter products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance (204-240 C), strong acid resistance and alkalinity resistance, high filtration speed, low pressure loss, good flexural resistance and abrasion resistance, but they are not resistant to hydrolysis at high temperature. They are mainly used in asphalt mixing flue gas, blast furnace gas, flue gas, carbon black tail gas, cement kiln shaft kiln head, kiln tail, electric furnace high temperature flue gas, refractory brick kiln smoke. Gas and coking flue gas conditions.
SIIC team will share with you five types of aramid filter felt. Their characteristics are as following table:
Raw material Normal fiber+ normal scrim (international type) 2D fiber + high strength and low elongation scrim 1D or finer fiber + normal scrim International felt + PTFE coating Fine fiber + high tensile scrim + PTFE coating
Characteristics Meet for ordinary conditions  More intensity tensile and lower elongation rate Improved filtration precision Improved chemistry resistance& anti-acid Good filtration precision, tensile and chemistry resistance
Contrast price 1 1.1~1.2 1.1~1.2 1.1~1.2 1.2~1.3