manufacturer/factory/supplier of 5 micron(µm) Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags

5 micron(µm) Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags

Item No.: SIIC-BPO5
5 micron (µm) polypropylene(PP) felt filter bags, with sizes of 1# 7*17", 2# 7*32", 3# 4*9", 4# 4*15", 5# 6*22" and other sizes , both welded and sewn(stitched) bag are available,are specially used for liquid filtration, solid-liquid separation.
Description Applications

5 micron (µm) Polypropylene (PP) Felt Filter Bags

1. Data

Size: 1# 7*17”, 2# 7*32”, 3# 4*9”, 4# 4*15”, 5# 6*22”, other sizes can be custom made.

Micro rating: 5 micron (µm)

Filter Bag structure:

Bag body types: stitched, welded
Bag top types: plastic ring top, metal ring top, raw top, drawstring top
Bag bottom types: arc shape bottom, "V" shape bottom

Free Samples are available with freight cost covered by buyer or freight cost collection.

2. Features


-High grade polypropylene felt from 5 micron (µm)

-Easy to replace.

-Manufacturer of 5 micron (µm) Polypropylene (PP) Felt Filter Bag


5 micron (µm) polypropylene (PP) felt filter bags are widely used in filtrations of food and beverages, advanced coatings & photo-emulsions, chemical processing, heath care processing, pharmacy/biology, electronics, painting and coatings, oil and gas industry,  bio-diesel filtration, waste or recycled vegetable oil filtration, H2O2 plant and other fields.
5 micron (µm) polypropylene (PP) felt filter bags applications examples:
Aseptic food liquid filter bags                                                                         Filter bags for beverage polishing
Bottled Water filtration bags (Ozonated)                                                        Filter bags for Dairy Processing
Distilled liquor processing filtration bags                                                      High Fructose Corn Syrup filtration bags
Wine filtration bags                                                                                           Edible oil filter bags
Juice filter bags                                                                                                 Drinks filter bags
Sugar filtration bags                                                                                         Filter bags used in Printed Circuit Board Electro-less Copper Line
Filter bags for Printed Circuit Board Photo-print Line                                  Brine Filtration Bags
Fine Chemical Filtration Bags                                                                         Pharmaceutical Water Filtration Bags
Filter bags used in Ultrapure Water Systems                                                Filter bags for electronics industry 
Electrophoresis paint filter bags
Parts coating filtration bags (Aircraft Industry)                                             Coating paints filtration filter bags (car/auto industry)
Petrochemical filter bags                                                                                 Bio-Diesel Filtration Bags
Waste or recycled vegetable oil filtration bag                                                Filter bags used in H202 plant

Emilio Luque
Apr 23, 2018
50pcs samples are working very well.. we start to order 2000pcs at first order.. PP 5 micron, size2#, welded with plastic ring Will send PO to service mail. Emilio Luque/Spain
Oct 10, 2016
samples are approved, they work well. I want to order 3000pcs. 5micron PP filter bags ,size2# with ss ring.sewn bag. Please send me proforma invoice. I send mail to your please check it. Thanks Envirozone US