Filter bags used in H202 Plant
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Filter bags used in H202 Plant

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Update time : 2020-03-09 14:07:55
Filter bags used in H202 Plant
INDRO filtration is professional filter bags manufacturer and supplier. We supply all kinds of industrial filter bags widely used in different industries, including H2O2 plants.
Today, SIIC team is glad to introduce filter bags used in H2O2 plant as followings:

Cyclic Working solution filter: SIIC-BPE10 filter bag
Hydrogenated working solution filter: SIIC-BPO5 Filter bag
Patassium Carbonate(K2CO3) filter: SIIC-BPE10P02WH filter bag
H2O2 filter: SIIC-BPO5P02WH filter bag
N2 filter: SIIC-BPE10P01WH filter bag