manufacturer/factory/supplier of PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

Shanghai Indro polypropylene(PP), polyester(PE) felt and monofilament nylon mesh(NMO) liquid filter bags are special for PVC printing INK filtration.

PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

1. Description of PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

INK filter bags/ink filtration bags are widely used in printing INK industry and field, the main purpose includes removal internal impurities, pigment particles of grinding deployment process, removal of dust particle floating in the liquid surface, removal of mechanical impurities of ink bucket walls.

INK filter bags/ink filtration bags are usually used in filtration of UV light printing inks, gravure inks, adagio ink, PVC ink, PCB ink, plate printing ink, mesh plate printing ink, UV curing ink, water-based ink.

For above types of inks, SIIC INK filter bags have excellent filtration performance. During manufacturing, the filter bags are mainly made of polyester felt and polypropylene felt. INK filter bags/INK filtration bags which are with micro rating from 1 to 25 micro (um) are the most economic and applicable.

2.Features of PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

2-1.Easy operation and replacement of INK filter bags/INK filtration bags, using matching bag filter housing, use new filter bag to replace old filter bags, install new filter bag into housing, press the cover, no side leak.

2-2.INK filter bags/INK filtration bags have Perfect filtration performance, using international plastic top filter bags, welding process, top entry type cover sealing, have higher filtration efficiency by 30% than normal filtration.

2-3.INK filter bags/INK filtration bags have good compatibility, normal polypropylene felt filter bag can be withstand the PH value from 1-14, temperature of less than 95 degree C. And chemical of all kinds of ink are within this range, so SIIC INK filter bags/INK filtration bags are most suitable choice for all kinds of INK filtration.

2-4.INK filter bags/INK filtration bags have high cost performance. Normally, during INK filtration, cartridges filters such as pleated filter cartridges or stainless steel filter cartridges are used. But filter cartridges are with less filter flow, it needs replaced frequently, makes more waste, with more complex operation, so the operating cost is higher. Compared with filter cartridge, INK filter bags/INK filtration bags have high cost performance.

3.Applications of PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

3-1.PCB printing INK: PCB printing has high and fine requirement about process, and INK hole sealing is the key process of PCB manufacturing, so it has high requirement about filtration precision during PCB ink filtration. Recommended filter bags: SIIC-BPO01, 1micron (um) polypropylene felt liquid filter bag with welding bag structure and plastic top.

3-2.Gravure printing INK: Gravure printing INK is mainly used on package of food industry. It is because of the particularity of food industry, the health level requirement of printing ink is higher. Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd is making Gravure printing INK filtration filter bags in special clean room with 10 class manufacturing environment. So that we can ensure the cleaning class of filter bag and ensure food safety. SIIC FDA grade INK filter bags/INK filtration bags are your best and first choice for Gravure printing INK filtration.

3-3.PVC printing INK: PVC printing ink is mainly used in home or house, indoor decoration, such as wall paper printing, wall printing. Because of special process of PVC printing INK, there is a lot of overlap, high-grade organic pigment in the PVC ink. Compared with other printing ink, PVC printing ink is with much higher viscosity. To ensure the filtration speed, generally we recommend SIIC-BPE10/25, 10 micron, 25 micron(um) polyester felt liquid filter bags for PVC printing ink filtration.

4.Data sheet of PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

4-1. Micron filter bags for liquid filtration

INDRO Material and Micron Ratings: for all your liquid filter bags requirements

Polypropylene felt bags: 1-300 micron

Polyester felt bags: 1-300 micron

Nylon mesh bags: 25-800 micron

High temperature micron rating bags: Nomex felts /ptfe(Teflon felt) in most micron ratings

4-2. INDRO Liquid filter bag Size

#1 7"x17"                    Sewn/Welded

#2 7"x32"                    Sewn/Welded

#3 4"x8"                      Sewn/Welded

#4 4"x14"                    Sewn/Welded

#5 6"x22"             Sewn/Welded

4-3. INDRO Liquid filter bag top type

Plastic ring, metal ring, drawstring, plain

4-4. INDRO Liquid filter bag process

Filter Bag structure:

A) Sewn(stitched) filter bag body+ sewn(stitched) “arc” type filter bag bottom+ sewn(stitched) metal ring filter bag top.

B) Air welded filter bag body+ ultrasonic welded “V” type or “arc” type filter bag bottom+ ultrasonic welded plastic filter top

C) Air welded filter bag body+ air welded “V” type filter bag bottom+ ultrasonic welded plastic filter top

Workable PH Value:

PP: 1-14, PE: 6-14, NMO: 7-13

Working temperature:

PP: <95 degree C, PE: <120 degree C, NMO<120 degree C

5.TIPS OF CHOOSING PVC printing INK filtration/filter bags

VISCOSITY: During filtration process, generally we request high production effective, improve filtration effective and speed. When it is higher viscosity, pressure and filtration area is same, filtration speed will become lower. So, under condition which is with too high viscosity, to improve filtration speed, we need to increase filtration area and liquid pressure.

PH value: Shall choose suitable printing ink filtration filter bags. If PH value shows the printing ink is acid or alkali, or strong acid or strong alkali, you need to care this. If you choose filter bags which are not suitable, filter bags would corrode and break, thus affect the filtration effective and make waste of filter bags.

Contents of impurities: If there are high impurities contents in the printing ink filtration, shall use multi-bag filter housing which is with higher filtration area to replace single bag filter housing. So that frequently replacement of filter bags is avoided and labor cost is saved as well.


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