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mechanical shaker baghouse filter bags/sleeves

SIIC filter shaker bags are special for mechanical shakers type baghouse dust collector.

Mechanical shaker bag house filter bag/sleeve
Mechanical shaking filter bag is the simplest kind of filter bag. Thin or soft filter material is usually used to make this type of filter bag. It is an internal filter bag (there is no bag cage inside). A slightly longer filter bag needs to be sewn with support rings on the filter bag at intervals of a certain length (depending on the diameter of the filter bag). When in use, the mouth is usually downward, the top is sewn into cloth loop and hanging shape, and hanging on the beam with hooks or buckles. The mouth is usually sewn into a rope for tightening the bag mouth to install the bag, and then fixed the bag mouth on the short pipe of the flue gas inlet with a clamp. This kind of filter bags are generally of unlimited length, with diameters ranging from 120 to 400 mm, or even thicker, according to customers' site conditions and requirements
Filter bag material: needle punched felt and woven fiberglass
Filter bag top and bottom type:
A: loop top/disc bottom
B: snap top/disc bottom
C: Grommet top/disc bottom
D: snap top/snap band bottom