High flow filter cartridges

High Flow Filter Cartridges

High flow filter cartridges are 6 inch(152mm) big diameter, single open end, available filter cartridge length: 20inch, 40inch, 60inch.

High Flow Filter Cartridge
High flow filter cartridges are 6 inch(152mm) big diameter, single open end, without center supporting core, fluid is flowing from inside to outside. Filter cartridge main contents includes pleated filter media type and melt blown filter media type. The cartridge caps are welded together with filter layers, without any adhesive, so it has wide range of chemical compatibility and can be applied in many fields.
Large diameter ensures large filtration area, thus reducing the installing number of filter elements and filter housing. High flow filter cartridges are with long service life, high flow rate, which reduces investment costs.

Technical data:
-Filter Media: Polypropylene or fiber glass
-Support core/outer cage: Polypropylene or Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene
-Cap material: Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene
-Sealing Technology: Hot melting welding (without adhesive)
-Diameter: 6inch (152mm)
-Length: 20inch, 40inch, 60inch
-Micron rating: 0.1μm、0.5μm1μm5μm10μm15μm20μm40μm70μm
-Cap type: Handle
-O-ring material: EPDM, Buna N
-Max working temperature: pleated PP/melt blown -82℃, pleated fiberglass-121
-Max differential pressure (flow from inside to outside): pleated PP/melt blown PP-3.44bar@82, pleated fiberglass-3.44bar@121
-Recommended replacement pressure: 2.4bar@20℃
-Recommended max filtration water flow:20inch -660LPM, 40inch-1,300LPM, 60inch-1,900LPM

Characteristics and features:
-Gradient pore size structure of filter material.
-The flow rate is five times as fast as that of ordinary pleated filter cartridge.
-Max flow per high flow filter cartridge can be up to 110m³/H.
-The size of overall filter system can be reduced by up to 50%, and the investment cost can be reduced by up to 50%.
-Using hot melting welding technology.
-Available filter cartridge length: 20inch, 40inch, 60inch
- The flow direction from inside to outside ensures that all impurities are trapped inside the filter element.

-RO security filtration, RO pre-filtration, desalination and desalination, seawater desalination pretreatment
-Filtration of oilfield reinjection water
-Filtration of condensate in power plant
-Filtration of raw materials, solvents and water in biopharmaceutical industry
-Filtration of bottled water, drinking water, sugar, edible oil, juice, soft drink, milk
-Paint, coatings, petrochemical industry
-Microelectronics, film, fiber, resin