manufacturer/supplier/factory of dust collector filter bags and cages

dust collector filter bags and cages

Dust collector filter bags and cages are important replacements of dust collector baghouse.

Dust collector filter bags/sleeves and cages
Filter bags material: needle punched felt of polyester (PE), polypropylene (PP), acrylic, nomex(aramid), pps, fiberglass, ptfe, p84 and mixture, woven fiberglass.
Fiber bags size:
Diameter: normally 4.375”(111.125mm), 4.5”(114.3mm), 4.625”(117.475mm),  4.75”(120.65mm),  4.875”(123.825mm), 5”(127mm), 5.125”(130.175mm), 5.25”(133.35mm), 5.625”(142.875mm), 5.85”(148.59mm), 6”(152.4mm), 6.1”(154.94mm), 6.25”(158.75mm), 8.5”(215.9mm) and others be custom made as per your requirement.
Length: normally 121” (3073.4mm), 145” (3683mm), any other lengths are available.
Filter bag structure:
Bag body: stitched or welded
Bag top/bottom types: beaded snap band top/bottom, raw top, hemmed top, corded/rubber O-ring top, thick gasket top, disc bottom, flat sewn bottom, bottom with reinforcement(cuff bottom)
Bag shapes: standard round tube, envelope or other special shapes can be custom made as per customers’ requirements.
Filter cages material: galvanized steel, epoxy treated carbon steel, wild steel, SS304/316
Filter cages sizes and structures: to match above filter bags.
Dust filter bags/sleeve and cages are widely used in dust collection housing of factories of mine, wood, cement, chemical, medicine, dying, paint, plastic, food and other industry, such as coal fired power stations, steel power station, cement industry, paper industry and other industrial segments.