manufacturer of filter bags/sleeve used in cupola

filter bags/sleeve used in cupola

SIIC polyester and fiberglass filter bags/sleeve are special for dust collector bag house in cupola.

Applications: cupola

A:working temperature: after cooling, 120~170degree C

Baghosue:Pulse jet Rotary Blowback Bag Filter 

Recommended filtration speed: 1.2~1.5m/min

Recommended Filter Bag Material: Indro polyester needle punched felt and woven fiberglass

B:working temperature: after cooling, 180~250degree C

Baghosue:air reversed+shaking dust collector bag house

Recommended filtration speed: 0.6m/min

Recommended Filter Bag Material: Indro woven fiberglass



Size of dust collector filter bags/sleeve:

diameter 100 mm, 125 mm, 130 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 250 mm etc...

Any length is available. 

Special size is customizable.


-High Grade filter bag material woven polyester cloth

-High skills of filter bag manufacturing

-More than 20 years professional experiences of filter bag manufacturing

-Manufacturer of filter bags/sleeve used in cupola