Why plating solution needs to be filtered?
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Why plating solution needs to be filtered?

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Update time : 2016-07-01 21:30:16

Why plating solution needs to be filtered?

1. Making longer using life of plating solution

Filtration is mainly for purifying of plating solution. When dirty oil and other impurities content is becoming higher, the effect of oil removal is becoming worse, then will need more supplementary material, and also the solution temperature will be increased. In case of without filtration, you have to replace part or the whole oil separation liquid.

Oil absorbing filter bag from Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd is one special filter bag for filtering the plating solution.

Chemical plating is one kind of self-catalytic reduction process. When there is solid particles in the plating solution, the solid particle will become catalytic reduction center, then the metal ions in the plating solution will be reduced from the solid particle, but not onto the parts need to be plated. The content of metal ions is not high at first, so the metal ions will be used up very soon, then the plating solution will not work and be not useful anymore. So to ensure longer using life of plating solution, remove the solid particle by filter bag is very necessary,

2. Reduce the problems of plating solution and improve the coating quality

When the solid particle get onto the surface of plated parts together with coating, the quality of coating will be becoming poor, will lead the coated parts are not working or not meet the standard. Then parts will be useless, and need to remake the products parts.

Only keep very clean of plating solution, the issues can be avoided, coating quality can be improved, competitive power can be improved.