What kind of gas dust can be removed by bag type dust collector?
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What kind of gas dust can be removed by bag type dust collector?

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What kind of gas dust can be removed by bag type dust collector?  

What kind of gas dust can be removed by bag type dust collector? Sharpening dust, explosive dust, high temperature and high humidity gas dust, corrosive gas dust, INDRO filtration introduces you more information as followings:


Sharpening dust

When dealing with sharpening dust such as alumina, silica and sinter, the coarse particles in the dust and the high velocity of air flow in the bag filter cause strong wear and tear on the bag and shell of the filter. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce the absolute quantity of coarse dust and the velocity of dust-containing gas, such as setting up pre-dust removal device before flue gas enters the bag filter, strictly controlling the inlet velocity of filter bag and adding wear-resistant materials at the easy-wearing place of air inlet.


Explosive dust

Explosive dust explodes needs to be with the following three conditions at the same time:

1. Flammable substances exist in flue gas at suitable concentrations.

2. There is sufficient oxygen and oxidant.

3. There is a source of fire.

Therefore, when purifying such gases, measures should be taken to destroy the above three conditions or the occurrence of certain conditions. Simply speaking, it is to control the ingredients, extinguish fire seeds; eliminating static electricity, grounding equipment; monitor explosion-proof, fire-fighting and explosion-releasing.


High temperature and high humidity gas dust

The flue gases of various industrial kilns and dryers belong to high temperature flue gases, and most of them contain a lot of water and sulfur oxides. Dust bag can deal with the flue gas below 300 at present. If the temperature exceeds this, the flue gas should be pre-cooled. In special cases, the high temperature flue gas between 450-550 can be directly treated with metal fiber filter material. It is becoming more and more common to treat the flue gas of steam boiler, cement kiln, metallurgical kiln, incinerator and other high temperature kilns with bag filter at home and abroad. Although the bag filter is limited by its filter material's temperature resistance, it can deal with the high temperature flue gas whose temperature is as high as 1200 ~ 1400 by proper treatment of the flue gas of the system.


Corrosive gas dust

In the flue gas purification system, there are mainly two kinds of media, gas and dust, which have corrosive effect on the dust bag, such as sulfuric acid gas formed by the presence of sulfur molecules in coal and heavy oil fuels, or salt dust produced by water. Since the corrosion phenomenon in flue gas purification occurs when the temperature of flue gas is below the acid dew point, it is necessary to ensure that the flue gas of the system runs above the dew point temperature. In the selection of filter media, according to the characteristics of corrosive substances produced by flue gas, the corresponding filter media should be adopted. For the purification system with serious corrosion and high requirements, such as pharmaceutical, food, carbon black production, the important parts of dust bag should be made of stainless steel or coated with anticorrosive coating.


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