What is the difference between polyester 208, 729 and needle punched felt?
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What is the difference between polyester 208, 729 and needle punched felt?

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Update time : 2018-07-23 14:03:18

What is the difference between polyester 208, 729 and needled punched felt?


From the production process, dust filter bags are divided into mechanical textile filter cloth and non-woven needle felt.

At present, there are commonly used "208" polyester filter cloth and "729" polyester filter cloth for woven filter cloth.


1-"208"polyester flannelette:

"208" flannelette fabric is made of polyester yarn as raw material, and the fabric is woven into a filter fabric to form a thick layer of fluff on the surface of the fabric to improve the wear resistance, air permeability and filtration performance of the fabric. The dust layer of the filter cloth will be destroyed when the "208" polyester flannelette is cleaned, and the dust rate of the filter is greatly reduced when the dust is filtered again. The dust will stick to the surface of the villi and the filter material when the temperature is dewing, and the difficulty of the dust removal is increased. "208" flannel is used in a small bag filter with high air permeability.


2-“729” polyester filter cloth:

The structure of the “729” polyester filter cloth has the characteristics of smooth softness, high strength, low elongation, low operating pressure loss, long service life, good cleaning performance and so on. After heat setting and other methods, it is widely used in the treatment of smoke and dust, industrial dust removal and so on.

"729" series of polyester filter material is suitable for low energy dust cleaning bag filter, which can be used for a long time in the working environment above 120 centigrade and above the dew point temperature, and the temperature is 130 C for a short time. When filtering the dust with a small amount of oil or high moisture content, the “729” polyester filter material with hydrophobic and hydrophobic treatment can be selected. The "729" filter cloth is mostly used in conjunction with the large reverse air blow bag filter.


3-Needle punched felt:

The needled punched felt was produced by the non - spinning needling method. The fibers are stacked and stacked to form felt, and are made by a series of processes such as heat setting, calendering and singeing. Needle felt surface is smooth, but the inside is three-dimensional structure. The needle felt is characterized by large porosity, good air permeability, low pressure loss and energy consumption, high purification efficiency, long service life, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and strong chemical stability.