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What is industrial filter bag?

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Update time : 2016-09-03 15:29:54

What is industrial filter bag?

Filter Bags:

As one of filter elements, filter bags are key part during filtration. Filter bags quality affects the filtration effect very much. Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd(Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd) is using top quality fabric and professional bag structures and high class production machines to make the filter bags. Many kinds of filter bags and filter materials are made for requirements in different industry.

Filter Bags types:

Liquid filtration bags and Air filtration bags

Air filtration bags include air bag filters and dust collector filter bags.

Liquid filtration bags:

Sewn or welded PE/PP felt filter bags from 1-300micron(um)

Nylon mesh filter bags from 25-800micron(um)

Dust collector filter bags:

PE/PP/ACRYLIC/PPS/PFFE/P84/NOMEX felt filter bags

Woven glass filter bags

PTFFE Laminated filter bags