What are dust collector filter bag cages? Shared from Manufacturer Shanghai Indro
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What are dust collector filter bag cages?

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Update time : 2017-08-07 14:26:35

Filter bag cages are one of import parts which are used together with dust filter bags in dust collector bag house system.

Filter bag cages are also called filter bag support frames.

Function of filter bag cages is to support filter bags and prevent them from collapsing on themselves.

Materials of filter bag cages: galvanized carbon steel, epoxy painting/coating carbon steel, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316.

According to filter bag cages shape, Shangha INDRO filter bag cages include: round filter bag cages, envelope filter bag cages, star shape/pleated filter bag cages, flat filter bag cages.

Among above filter bag shapes, round filter bag cages are most common.

Size of round filter bag cages include: diameter, length, vertical wire number, vertical wire thickness, supporting ring distance, supporting ring thickness, venture size, top collar and bottom collar.

Number of filter bag cage vertical wires: 8/10/12/16/20/24 vertical wires

Ring Space: Ring spacing standard is 6 inch or 8 inch. (381px or 508px)

Round filter bag cage diameter: Cage diameters range from 4 inch to 8 inch (100mm to 200mm)

Wire thickness: 2mm to 5mm

Size of flat type filter bag cages: perimeter 800mm-900mm, length range 1m to 6m

Envelop type filter bag cages sizes: length 1500mm and other, width 750mm and other, thickness 25mm and other.

INDRO Filter bag cages packaging: Cages are packed in metal frame or woven bag or nude package.

Filter bag cages usage: used as one parts of dust collector bag house system which is used for removal dust from factory of mine, wood, cement, chemical, medicine, dying, paint, plastic, food & other industry, such as coal fired power stations, Steel Power station, cement industry, paper industry & other Industrial Segments.

As one reliable filter bag cage manufacturer, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd offers high quality filter bag cages. Our filter bag cages process is as following: wire drawing, straightening and cutting, supporting ring, support ring welding, welding, wear skeleton tube, welding bottom, pickling, electroplating, drying.