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What are baghouse filter bags?

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What are baghouse filter bags?

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Baghouse filter bags are used for baghouse dust collector or dust collection system.

Baghouse filter bags types:

Filter Shaker bags/Shaker Bags

Reverse air filter bags/Filter bags for reverse air

Pulse Jet filter bags

Envelope filter bags

Filter bags for special working conditions

Baghouse filter bags materials:

Polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid(nomex), pps, p84, fiberglass needle felt

Fiberglass mix pps, fiberglass mix p84 or other compound felt Woven fiberglass cloth with finish treatments of anti-acid, silicone, graphite and ptfe coating etc.

Baghouse filter bag Size: diameter 100mm, 125mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 250mm ect.

Any length is available. Special size is customizable.

Process Method: sewing or welded

- Baghouse filter bag top and bottom types:

1.  Raw top(Fold in top)

2.  Flange top

3.  Double beaded snap band top

4.  Cuff bottom

Woven Fiberglass filter bag top and bottom types:

1.  Cap top+ Snap band bottom

2.  Cap top+ Anti collapse rings+ Cuff bottom

- Baghouse filter bag

Cages match the air dust collector filter bags mentioned above.

 - Baghouse filter bag sewing thread

Used for sewing filter bags: ptfe sewing thread, fiberglass thread, nomex thread, polyester thread.