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What affects the price of dust filter bag and baghouse filter bag?

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Update time : 2017-01-30 15:58:30

What affects the price of dust filter bag and baghouse filter bag

Dust filter bag is one of industrial filter bags, it is used for solid and gas separation.

It is called as baghouse filter bag.

According to temperature resistance, baghouse filter bag includes normal temperature resistant dust collector filter bag and high temperature resistant dust collector filter bags.

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Normal temperature resistant baghouse filter bag includes polyester, polypropylene, acrylic filter bags.

High temperature resistant baghouse filter bag includes nomex filter bags, fiberglass, p84, ptfe, pps filter bags.

The price of baghouse filter bag is affected by bag material, bag structure and bag making process.

High temperature resistant filter bag prices are higher than normal temperature filter bags.

If with same size, polyester needle punched felt filter bags are the cheapest one. From lower price to higher prices is polyester—polypropylene—acrylic---nomex---fiberglass—pps—ptfe---p84.

Finish treatment of bag material affect filter bag price very much. Ptfe lamination is with highest cost, normal anti static and water and oil repellent cost are almost same, they are a little lower than ptfe lamination.

In addition, for same material and same size baghouse filter bags, if using different filter bag sewing thread, the price of filter bag will be different. Such as alsphalt plant filter bags-nomex filter bags, if use ptfe sewing thread, its cost is higher than using nomex sewing thread. Because ptfe sewing thread is stronger than nomex sewing thread, ptfe sewing thread is with better chemical resistance than normal nomex sewing thread, nomex filter bags stitched with ptfe sewing thread is better than normal nomex filter bags.