Tips of PPS filter bags-power plant filter bags
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Tips of PPS filter bags-power plant filter bags

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Update time : 2018-07-16 20:53:17

Tips of PPS filter bags-power plant filter bags


Advantages of PPS filter bags-power plant filter bags:

- The working temperature is 170, the short-time working temperature is 232, the melting point is 285, and the limiting oxygen index is 34~35.

-Oxygen content can be applied in the case of 15% or less.

-Sulfur or sulfur oxides in flue gas. It has been proved that PPS fiber is a fiber with strong acid and alkali resistance and strong chemical resistance.

-It is suitable for wet air in the flue.

-Under the conditions of temperature 190 ~232, and when the gas cloth ratio is up to 5:1 to do line cleaning and gas cloth ratio 6:1 to do off-line ash cleaning, PPS filter felt dust filter bag has excellent performance record.

Several important factors that affect the life of PPS filter bags in power plants:

- Cleaning method (reverse air blow type filter bag life is longer than pulse jet type filter bag).

-Filtration speed (the higher the filtration speed, the shorter the life of the filter bag).

- The structure and design of the dust collector include the distance between the filter bag and the wall panel, the interval between the filter bags, the position of the inlet and outlet, and the installation of the guide plate.