Tips of installation of filter bag cages shared from manufacturer-Shanghai INDRO
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Tips of installation of filter bag cages

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Update time : 2017-08-02 17:21:02

Filter bags cages installation affect working performance very much.

As one professional filter bag cages manufacturer, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd offers widely range of dust collector filter bag cages.

Before installation of filter bag cages, you shall care following points:

Check the filter bag cages quality is good or not before installation. During process of filter bag cages, all the welding points must be strong, loose welding, rosin joint and leakage welding is not allowed. Filter bag cages surface must be smooth, filter bag cages must be straight, no burr on the surface. Welding must be uniform.

Second, filter bag cages diameter must fit the filter bag size. If there is difference, shall ask filter cage supplier to do replacement.

Third, to avoid deformation and damage during delivery of filter bag cages because of pressing, good filter bag cages shall be with sufficient strength, stiffness, squareness and dimensional accuracy. During installation of filter bag cages, shall check if there is difficulty of installation or there is friction between the filter bag and cages.

Forth, the finish treatment of filter bag cages can be painting/epoxy. If there is requirement of temperature, humidity resistance, shall use galvanized steel or stainless steel.