Tips of industrial filter bags-nylon mesh liquid filter bags
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Tips of industrial filter bag-nylon mesh liquid filter bag

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Update time : 2017-06-28 09:03:48

Nylon mesh liquid filter bag is one of industrial filter bags which is used for solid-liquid separation.

Size of nylon mesh liquid filter bags: 7*17”, 7*32”, 4*9”, 4*15”, 6*22” and other size

Micron of nylon mesh liquid filter bags: 25 micron to 1500 micron

Structure of nylon mesh liquid filter bags: sewn/stitched bag

Top of nylon mesh liquid filter bags: SS ring, plastic ring, drawstring, raw top and other

As one professional manufacturer of industrial filter bags, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd offers complete range of monofilament nylon mesh liquid filter bags.

Application of nylon mesh liquid filter bags: sugar filter bags, syrup filter bags, nut milk filter bags/milk tea filter bags/coconut milk filter bags, juice filter bags/orange juice filter bags/drinks filter bags/beverage filter bags, tea filter bags/herbal tea filter bags/chrysanthemum tea filter bags, adhesives filter bags, ink filter bags/printing ink filter bags, pharmaceutical filter bags/dregs filter bags, Paint filter bag(car/auto industry), gasoline distribution terminal, aquarium filtration.