Tips of industrial filter bags-liquid filter bag size and chart
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Tips of industrial filter bag-liquid filter bag size and chart

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Update time : 2017-06-22 10:24:41

As one industrial filter bags manufacturer which is with years of experiences of manufacturing, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd is glad to share with you about “tips of industrial filter bag-filter bag size and chart” as followings, hope it is helpful when you buy or purchase the industrial filter bags.

Material of industrial liquid filter bags:

Polypropylene felt bags: 1-300 micron

Polyester felt bags: 1-300 micron

Nylon mesh bags: 25-800 micron

High temperature micron rating bags: Nomex felt/ptfe(Teflon felt) in most micron ratings

Bag Size /Type of industrial liquid filter bags

#1 7"x17"             Sewn/Welded

#2 7"x32"             Sewn/Welded

#3 4"x8"              Sewn/Welded

#4 4"x14"             Sewn/Welded

#5 6"x22"             Sewn/Welded

Bag top type of industrial liquid filter bags

Plastic ring, metal ring, drawstring, plain