Tips of epoxy filter bag cages
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Tips of epoxy filter bag cages

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Update time : 2017-08-04 11:09:18

Epoxy treated filter bag cages are one kind of high end filter bag cages. It is with better high temperature resistance and better rust proof than galvanized filter bag cages.

As one professional filter bag cages manufacturer, to ensure epoxy filter bag cages quality, Shanghai Indro is using high strength carbon steel wires to make filter bag cage, surface painting material is organic silicon powder, to get requirement of high temperature resistance.

Epoxy painting filter bag cages are used to fit PPS, P84, fiberglass and other high temperature filter bags, widely used in dryer, sintering machine, metallurgy, boiler and so on high temperature and strong corrosion working conditions.

Organic epoxy filter bag cages are special filter bag cages for desulfurization and dust removal in power plants.

Features of epoxy filter bag cages:

Widely used in electronic, electrical, construction, chemical, textile, light industry, medical and other industries;

More superior performance: silicone has properties of inorganic materials and organic materials, with high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, flame resistance, water repellency, clothing, non-toxic and tasteless and physiological inert properties;

The cost is more reasonable: the cost is lower than that of stainless steel, and more and more applications have been obtained.