The operation method of pre-coating for PPS filter bags
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The operation method of pre-coating for PPS filter bags

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Update time : 2018-07-18 08:33:54

The operation method of pre-coating for PPS filter bags

It is necessary to do pre-coating before first using of PPS dust collector filter bags, and within 48 hours before second using of PPS filter bags after dust collector system stopped operation for long time, it is also necessary to do pre-coating. Pre-coating is to add the filter-aid at the dust facing side of dust collector filter bags, and to make the dust removal and purification more perfect. So what is the concrete step of the pre coating?

-Before coating the PPS dust filter bag, the air inlet and outlet valve of each bag chamber should be opened first.

- Open the fan and gradually increase the air flow intensity of the filter bag dust collector, so that the air volume reaches about 70% of the planned start. At the moment, the bypass valve is necessary to be closed, and the hoist valve is on line condition, and the internal and external resistance of the bag filter bag room should also be recorded.

- Put in the clean pre-coated powder at the opening of the total inlet pipe of the filter bag filter,

The moisture content of the pre coated powder should not be higher than 1%, and it should be put in accordance with the amount of pre-coated powder at 400g per square meter filter area.

-After the coating is finished, you shall wait for 20 minutes, and then stop the fan load operation.

- After the completion of the above operation, the staff can enter the filter bag filter room to check. If there is a leak appearance between the plate holes or the cell plate and the electric welding place of the box, it is necessary to check the tightness of the seal between the bag head and the flower board, and the problem can be handled after the adjustment.

- Finally, the bag filter can be opened for trial operation, and if the system operation parameters are normal and there is no other bad appearance, it is clear that the pre-coating treatment of the dust filter bag is appropriate and can be used safely.

INDRO dust filter bag is outstanding for environmental protection. Pre coating treatment is more effective in de-dusting filter bags, so reasonable pre coating treatment is the best way to ensure the high efficiency of dust removal filter bags.