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The Belt and Road and BRICS+ regions economic circle takes opportunity for global economic development

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Update time : 2017-09-09 13:03:48

Shanghai Indro Filtration Group Co. Ltd., organized activity, reading economic planning of “The Belt and Road”; economic circle of BRICS+ countries and regions is a great opportunity of a lifetime we are facing, this is not only the trade and culture exchange routes linked the Asia, Eurasian and Africa continent, but also the roads to wealth for people of all countries along the lines. The spirit of "peaceful cooperation, openness, inclusiveness, mutual bennefitt, mutual learning and mutual learning" will create an open, inclusive, inclusive and balanced regional economic circle, and promote cooperation among more countries and regions.


In future, we will provide global environmental protection market more quality environmental protection accessories production equipment, filter materials, sewage treatment equipment and materials. Dust collector bag, liquid filter bags are also our focus. Industrial dust collector cages will be produced more environmentally and friendly, more environmentally friendly materials will be provided to replace the materials which are with high degree of pollutions.


Environmental protection is the global focus, to make the people of all countries and regions of the world breathe fresh air more healthy, to the protect clean water resources for the bennefitting the people, we pay attention to the people-orieented core values and social standard, use human survival and development as the highest value goal, all for the people, all serve the people.