Pulse jet dust cleaning mode and mechanism-01
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Pulse jet dust cleaning mode and mechanism-01

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Pulse jet dust cleaning mode and mechanism
(1) Features
Pulse blowing is to use compressed air (usually 0.15-0.7mpa) to tell the filter bag to spray in a very short period of time (no more than 0.2S), at the same time, to induce air several times of the jet air flow, forming air wave, so that the filter bag will produce rapid expansion and impact vibration from the bag mouth to the bottom, resulting in strong dust removal and accumulation, as shown in Figure 1.

In the process of blowing, although the filter bag that is cleaned does not play a filtering role, it can almost be regarded as continuous because of the short time of blowing and the gradual cleaning of the filter bag in turn. Therefore, the off-line cleaning of the chamber structure or the on-line cleaning of the chamber can be adopted.
 The effect of pulse blowing is very strong, and its intensity and frequency can be adjusted, and the effect of cleaning is good. It can allow higher filtering wind speed and corresponding resistance of 1000 ~ 1500pa. Therefore, under the same air volume, the area of filter bag is less than that of mechanical vibration and counter blowing. The disadvantage is that sufficient compressed air is needed. When the pressure of supplied compressed air cannot meet the requirements of injection, the effect of ash cleaning is greatly reduced.