Property of filter materials in bag type dust collector
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Property of filter materials in bag type dust collector

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Property of filter materials in bag type dust collector

1-208 polyester velvet filter material

208 polyester velvet filter material is using polyester yarn as raw material, a thick layer of dense villi is formed by brushing after weaving yarn into fabric,  So that can improve the fabric filtration, wear resistance and air permeability. It is mainly used in small bag dust collector. (it is now no longer used so usually)

2-Needle felt filter material

Needle punched filter material produced by non woven needle method. The needle is made of interlaced fibers and formed by a series of processes, such as heat setting and calendering. The three-dimensional structure is formed and the surface is smooth and smooth.

The characteristics of needle felt filter material are: high porosity, good permeability, low pressure loss and energy consumption; high purification efficiency; long service life; wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong chemical stability. Needle felt filter material is often used in conjunction with pulse bag filter.

3- "729" filter material

The structure of "729" filter material has the characteristics of smooth, soft, high strength, low elongation, small loss of running pressure, good ash cleaning performance and long service life. After heat setting and other methods, it is widely used in industrial dust collection, dust control and so on.

The "729" series of polyester filter is applied to the low energy bag type dust collector, can be used for long time under the working environment at 120 DEG C and with the flue gas dew point, the temperature resistant at short time is 130 DEG C; when the dust filter with high moisture content or a small amount of oil, can choose the filter material with repelling water treatment. "729" filter material are widely used in large air reverse bag filter.


4- Glass fiber filter material

A, glass fiber filter material

Glass fiber filter materials characteristics: high mechanical strength, fracture strength is generally above 1300N; low elongation, fiber fracture elongation is only 3%; made bag size stability; good performance of temperature, can be used for a long time below 260 DEG C; good corrosion resistance, can be used in acid and alkali gas; smooth surface, good air permeability, poor resistance to torture.

B, glass fiber bulked yarn filter material/textured woven fiberglass cloth

Glass fiber expanded yarn filter material is to use textured profess to make glass fiber soft, swollen and become slightly three-dimensional structure, so that glass fiber filter has the advantages of high strength of long fiber and bulkiness of short fiber. This material not only has features of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, but also has the characteristics of good permeability and high purification efficiency.

C, glass fiber needled felt filter media

Glass fiber felt filter material is a new type of high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance. It not only has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, small elongation and high strength of woven glass fiber fabric , but also the felt is a single fiber mat layer, three-dimensional microporous structure, high porosity (up to 80%), it has small resistance of air filtration. It is a kind of high temperature resistance, high speed and high efficiency pulse jet filter material.

The filter material is suitable for high temperature flue gas filtration in chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, cement, waste incineration and other industrial kilns.

5. High temperature needle punched felt filter material

Except for fiberglass filter materials, dust filter and high temperature engineering is also using aramid fiber needle punched felt, P84 needle punched felt, PTFE needle punched felt, Ryton needle punched felt , Nomex needle felt, , FMS felt, and nomex needle punched felt is the one felt which is used most.

6. Ptfe membrane filter material

Mixing two or more than two filter materials with different characteristics of into one filter material, it becomes composite filter media. On the surface of the needle punched filter or woven filter material, the membrane filter made of microporous membrane can realize surface filtration, so that the dust stays on the surface and is easy to fall off, which improves the peeling off of the filter material. The initial resistance of this filter material increased slightly compared with before film coating, but after the dust remover running, because of the good dust peeling and easy dust cleaning, when the working condition is stable, the filter resistance will be no longer rising, but tend to be stable, significantly lower than the conventional filter media.

The performance of the membrane filter material is excellent. Its filtration method is membrane surface filtration, and nearly 100% of the dust is filtered. With the increasing demand for environmental protection, more and more precision filtration, membrane filter material has become a new material for dust and material filtration and collection, as well as precision filtration.

Filter materials in bag type dust collector includes: 208 polyester velvet filter material, needle punched felt filter materials, "729" polyester filter material, fiberglass filter materials/medias, high temperature filter rolls and ptfe membrane filter materials. Their different property is introduced in this paragraph.