Process and features of filter materials ptfe lamination
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Process and features of filter materials ptfe lamination

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Process and features of filter materials ptfe lamination


Generally speaking, industrial filter fabric is deep filtration, which can be effectively filtered by forming a disposable dust layer on the surface of dust removal filter material. But the time of forming effective filtration will be longer, and the running resistance of the equipment will be relatively high, and the efficiency of dust removal is low, so many manufacturers will have do ptfe lamination of filter fabrics, and the efficiency of dust removal become high in many cases.

PTFE lamination or membrane process:

There are two methods for the combination of the film and the dust filter. The first is the heat binding, which is first processed by the filter material to burn the hair, and then through a series of rolling, the two will be combined under the combined action of high temperature and pressure. The thermoplastic materials can be directly thermally bonded, but for those thermosetting filters, Teflon must be treated before thermal bonding. The second is bonding with adhesives. Although the adhesive is stuck together, its strength is low. When it is in the condition of high temperature and special gas, the failure of the adhesive will cause the membrane separation filter, and the adhesive will block the filter membrane pore, thus reducing the permeability of the filter material.


Features of PTFE laminated filter materials:

-When the filter material is laminated, the pore size of the filter material will be smaller, and the membrane filter material will shrink by about 12% than that of the previous film, and the coated needle felt filter material is 59% before covering the film, thus achieving real surface filtration. No need to form a dust layer, only rely on its own filtering function to achieve a good dust removal effect. The experimental results show that the total dust catching rate of the membrane filter media is more than 99.99%, when the dust collection between 0.01 and 1 micron is over 97%-99%.

-When the pore size of the filter material becomes smaller, the dust can be controlled to enter the filter material, thereby preventing the blockage of the filter material. Secondly, the membrane filter material reduces the friction of the dust on the surface, improves the ability of ash removal, and achieves the purpose of easy ash removal. At the same time, it also reduces the running resistance of the equipment and keeps stable for a long time.

Dust removal filter material PTFE lamination is beneficial to prevent dust from being hardened under wet working conditions and resulting in paste bags.

-The laminated filter material is cleaned by the surface. The cleaning effect is good, the dust cleaning is thorough, the running resistance of the equipment is low, the energy consumption of the bag type dust removal equipment is less, the service life of the dust filter is prolonged, and the maintenance and maintenance of the dust removal equipment will be significantly reduced.

-PTFE has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and its chemical performance is relatively stable. The application of membrane filter media in baghouse dust removal is expanding.