PPS filter bags application
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PPS filter bags application

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Update time : 2018-07-12 08:08:17

PPS filter bags application

Because of its excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardancy, polyphenylene sulfide is widely used in the fields of environmental protection, chemical industry filtering and military. For example, PPS filter bags are used for high temperature bag type dust removal in thermal power plant, garbage incinerator, cement plant filter bag.


-Flue dust removal in thermal power generation:

The PPS fiber is mainly used for the filter fabric of the industrial combustion boiler bag filter chamber. The waste heat smoke emitted by industrial furnace contains a variety of corrosive chemicals. The life of the general material is short and the filtration effect is poor. The PPS filter bags used for industrial coal-fired boilers can survive for 3 years in a wet acidic environment below 190 degrees Celsius. The service life of polysulfonamide filter bag is only half a year to 1 year.

-Gas dust collector and removal in steel industry:

Iron and steel industry is also one of the main sources of air pollution, and the use of PPS filter bags is huge.

- Gas dust collector and removal in cement industry:

In recent years, more and more bag filters have been used in the new dry process cement production line of cement industry. PPS filter bags are also very useful.

- Chemical filtration:

In addition to its wide and indispensable use in the field of environmental protection, PPS filter bags can also be used for the filtration of chemicals with strong corrosive and high solution temperature, such as various organic acids and inorganic acids, various phenols, and various strong polar solvents.