PES pleated filter cartridge
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PES pleated filter cartridge

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PES pleated filter cartridge

PES pleated filter cartridge, its filter media is the advanced polyethersulfone microfiltration membrane in the world. The Polyether sulfone membrane holes account for more than 80% of the pore volume, and has a unique micropore geometry, which improves the filtration efficiency and circulation of the difficult filtration solution. Using hot welding method to weld two materials of polyethersulfone and polypropylene support together, there are no cohesive substances. They are suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical industries which require more stringent requirements. The main characteristics: unique hydrophilic properties, without surface active agent and surface lubricant, provide high level filtration precision and circulation for the filtration solution; the applicable PH range is wide, the adsorption of protein and precious biological agents is low, the interception rate is high, the chemical tolerance and thermal stability are excellent, and the strength is good, resistance to positive and reverse pressure shocks.


Specs and data sheet

Filter media: hydrophilic polyethersulfone microporous filter membrane

Up and down support material: Polypropylene

Support and structural elements: Polypropylene

Filtering accuracy: 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 1 (UM)

Filter core length: 5 ", 10", 20 ", 30", 40 ""

Sealing material: silicone rubber, butadiene rubber, three ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber.

Closed mode: hot-melt welding

Effective filtration area: more than 0.6m/10 "

Filter core diameter: 69.0mm

Maximum working temperature: 85 centigrade, 0.05 MPa

Maximum tolerance temperature: 140 centigrade, 0.28 MPa

Maximum positive pressure difference: 0.42 MPa (25 C)

Maximum counter pressure difference: 0.21 MPa (25 C)

Sterilization conditions: 121 centigrade 30 min


Typical application areas:

Pharmaceutical industry: injections, water for injection, eye drops, non high temperature sterilization products, biological products, vaccines, etc.

Sera and other terminal bactericidal filtration

Food industry: filtration of liquor, mineral water, drinking water, beverage and so on.

Electrical industry: terminal filtration of high purity water, ultra pure water equipment, chemical raw materials and so on.


Pure water flow reference value: 10 "initial value of filter element L/min (P=0.01 MPa,1 centigrade viscosity, 25 degrees C)

Micron um






Flow L/min







The hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)  pleated filter cartridges making process including filter paper pleating, filter cartridge cap welding, filter cartridge length connector welding, filter cartridge fitting ends welding, filter cartridge middle seam welding and filter cartridge length cutting. Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd manufacturers and supply whole production line of liquid filtration pleated filter cartridges.