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Nomex Filter bags application in cement kiln dust collector bag housing

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Update time : 2016-07-18 21:41:59

Nomex Filter bags application in cement kiln dust collector bag housing


The environment protecting of cement affects the development of the whole industry, the dust emission of kiln head and tail of new dry-method process line of cement is the biggest pollution source of the cement plant.

The dust collecting effective of the dust collector bag housing is not affected by features of dust specific resistance, flue gas condition, fly ash etc, and dust collector bag housing has good control effect for micro dust particles. In the cement industry, the bag housing is gradually replacing of electric dust collector, and it is used more and more widely.

Gas temperature of Kiln head is very high, general at about 200 DEG C, dust is abrasive, dust concentration is about 100g/m3 but with lower gas humidity, moisture content is generally about 6%, dew point temperature is about 60 degrees or so.

For Nomex filter bags application in kiln gas, there are a lot of successful case which have good results.

A 4600t/d project of the cement clinker production line was officially put into operation in October 2010, the line kiln dust using spray pulse bag type dust collector, equipped with nomex filter bags. Commissioning so far, the dust remover has the normal and stable operation for nearly four years, not a replacement a bag and emission concentration and the running resistance of main technical performance index has been better than the standard of environmental protection level.


The following is the basic parameters of dust collector bag housing and the aramid nomex fiber filter bag:


Dust collector bag housing basic parameter:

Rated flue gas flow: 545000 m3/h

Gas temperature: 200~260

Inlet dust concentration: ≤40 g/Nm3

Outlet dust concentration: 30 g/Nm3

Bulk resistance: 1700 Pa

Air leakage coefficient: 3%

Air cloth ratio: 1.0 m/min

Equipment compartment: 10 compartments

Filter Bag Material: nomex needle punched felt

Filter Bag Size: 160×5500mm

Filter Bag Qty: 3240pcs

Filter Bag continuous working temperature: 200

Pulse pressure: ≤0.35 MPa


Nomex filter bags basic parameter:

Weight: 550 g/m2

Thickness: 2.1 mm

Air permeability: 160 L/dm2.min

Weft Tensile strength: ≥1200 N/125px

Warp tensile strength: ≥900 N/125px

Weft Elongation: ≤60%@200N/125px

Warp Elongation: ≤30%@200N/125px

Continuous working temperature: 200

Max working temperature in short time: 240