Maintenance of bag filter house/filter vessels
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Maintenance of bag filter house/filter vessels

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Update time : 2018-01-12 15:58:22

SIIC team introduces you about maintenance of bag filter house/filter vessels: cleaning-how to store when not using it for long time.

1. Cleaning: if you continue to filter the same liquid, no need cleaning. But if you filter other kinds of liquids, you need to clean the filter machine before you use it. Sterile water must be used for back-washing, otherwise it will pollute the filter. The clear process and time interval of the filter bag are different according to the characteristics of the material. Cleaning liquid and filtering material can not react. Can be soaked in water for a night, using high pressure water jet to do cleaning second day, please do not use brush to scrub, because this will affect the filtration accuracy. Countless cleaning is not available,, preferably less than three times.


2. When the filter is not in use, the filtrate liquid should be drained as much as possible, and the filtrate should not be stored overnight. When the stop time is not long, please do not open the filter and do not take out the filter elements and related parts. When the shutdown time is too long, better clean filter when you use it again.