Industrial filter bags-Polyester (PE) filter bags-INDRO filtration
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Industrial filter bags-Polyester (PE) filter bags-INDRO filtration

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Update time : 2018-02-08 12:12:11

Same as PP filter bags, polyester filter bags are also main industrial filter bags, polyester filter bags are short for PE felt filter bags, they are widely used in different filtration process of industry.


INDRO filtration introduces you industrial filter bags-polyester (PE) filter bags: such as bag size/type, micron rating, filter bags features and filter bags applications.


/Polyester filter bags sizes/type:

0.5-300 micron ratings are available.

#1 7"x17"             Sewn/Welded

#2 7"x32"             Sewn/Welded

#3 4"x8"              Sewn/Welded

#4 4"x14"             Sewn/Welded

#5 6"x22"             Sewn/Welded


/Polyester filter bags top type

Plastic ring, metal ring, drawstring, plain


/Polyester filter bags features:

Temperature resistant: Continuous 130 degree C, Instant 150 degree C

Chemical characters: good strong acid resistance, better weak acid resistance, good weak alkali resistance, good solvent resistance, good reactive oxidant resistance, better abrasion resistance.  


/Polyester filter bags applications: food & beverages filtration, edible oil filtration, advanced coatings & photoemulsions filtration, filtration in chemical processing, ink printing filtration, pharmaceutical water filtration, optical lens manufacturing filtration, pharmacy/biology filtration, ultrapure water systems, electrophoresis paint industry, paints & coatings industry filtration, oil & gas production and refinery filtration, water treatment(cooling tower), swimming pool filtration and other industrial filtration.