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Important Statement: False Publicity Of Some Regular Companies Stealing Photos Of INDRO Products Illegally

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Update time : 2018-04-23 09:54:26





Recently, customers have reflected that a large number of pictures of INDRO filter products on the internet have been embezzled by illegal enterprises, and these irregular enterprises cheat consumers.

INDRO filtration hereby solemnly declares that our company is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing and supplying industrial filter products. INDRO insists on the management concept of honesty and trustworthiness, strictly controls the quality of the products, and INDRO has strict qualification examination and authorization for the sales of our filter products. All the of INDRO filter products pictures are filmed on the scene. Our company will reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibility against illegal infringement of illegal businesses and embezzlement of our company's pictures.


Here, we ask all customers to carefully check the authenticity of the company and product picture when choosing INDRO industrial filter products, you can ask for the original pictures to confirm the ownership of the picture and prevent being deceived.


In addition, from now on, our new products pictures will be processed with logo-watermark, in case of logo-watermark affected your views or checking of products clearly, you can ask original pictures from us.