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How to sew dust filter bag manually?

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Update time : 2016-11-21 16:31:44

How to sew dust filter bag manually?

According to 20 years experiences of dust filter bag production, Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd( Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd) is developing and promoting one complete range of filter bag machines  and filter bag sewing machines for making dust filter bag as following:

Take nomex filter bag for example:

-Use filter fabric cutting machine to cut the fabric in the small width according to your bag diameter.

-Use three needle sewing machine (SIIC-M007) to sew the filter bag body manually.

-Use snap band sewing machine(SIIC-M014) to make filter bag snap band

-Use snap band punching machine(SIIC-M016)  to make snap band

-Use disc bottom cutting machine(SIIC-M017) to make disc bottom

-Use short arm sewing machine(SIIC-M010) to sew filter bag top and bottom